KAVOSH SANAT SEPAHAN ENGINEERING TECHNICAL and TRADING SUPPORT COMPANY established in 2000 with gathering experienced engineers in field of supply design and producer of industrial equipment, parts and also in tried in field of providing technical and engineering service. And this company in during of 12 years continues and efficiency activity has used all itself efforts and scientific and operational power , In field of recognizing sources and providing potential and actual capabilities introduce to managers in different industries such as : STEEL, OIL, GAS, PETROCHEMICAL , POWER PLAN and INDUSTRIAL UPSTREAM , … and reference to honesty and good performance of obligation , succeeded to obtain good results. ISO 9001-2008 certification obtaining from 2 company ENGLAND GIC company and TUV-I,CB company with matter of technical and engineering in field of mechanics and electricity and mechanizing official and finance systems and information system of company KIS. Now, it performing EFQM model and obtaining EFQM and receiving EFFICIENCY NATIONAL REWARD, present excellent view of company managers.

With reference to mentioned titles and contents , KAVOSH SANAT SEPAHAN COMPANY with having valuable experiences (resulting from continuous years of working and efforts) and also potential ability along providing and supplying requires goods of honorable managers and employers by obtained agencies and its corporate companies in IRAN and other countries and also making proper financial field for opening document credits and … have necessary readiness to contract for providing and supplying , designing and producing special equipments and stepping towards the field of obtaining high aims that is to attract complete pleasure of employers and it would try certainly with reference to making proper and efficiency field in the way of continuity of this aim.