Description of Activities and Services

For better and more introduction with history and activities of this company , in summary we describe done activities and available ability:

1- Supplying,designing and producing of parts and equipments related to steering wheel PLC control systems ,monitoring and communication
2- Supplying electric, electronic parts and equipments and instrumentation
3- Supplying, designing and producing variety of driver resistance related to slip ring motors with high kilowatt , Dclinks in blade, belt and wire form.
4- Designing, producing and supplying variety of electromagnetic brakes of hoof and disk with one removeable jaw and two removeable jaw type, variety of hydraulic brake, electrosters for fixing in rolling lines, ceiling cranes and variety of transfers.
5- Supplying variety of breakers and average pressure boards of parts and strong pressure from valid brands in worlds,included: ABB, SIEMENS, ….and also doing retrofit project in this field
6- Supplying all parts related to industrial crane with valid brand in worlds like: KONECRANE, DEMAG,…
7- Supplying, designing and producing variety of rektifires with different kilowatts ,supplying,fixing and running period AC and DC and multi drives from valid brands in the worlds.
8- Supplying,fixing and running variety of electric motors AC and DC, also supplying variety of its spare parts included coal and scuttle and ….
9- Designing and producing variety of mechanical parts and equipments according to maps or sample.
10- Supplying variety of bearings , roller,bearing,seal ring
11- Supplying,designing, producing and reverse engineering all of industrial and electronic cards.
Supplying variety of hydraulic and pneumatic valves
Preparation and Supply of hydraulic and pneumatic valves