Localized projects

List of some of the localized projects by this company:

Magnetic brakes of Isfahan steel 500 roll line shoulder

Localization of gearbox related to KONE CRANE

Support production of test device and disks related to Mobarakeh Steel laboratory polish device

Isfahan steel commando aparrat contactors parts

Rubber parts production

Trolley production of Isfahan steel cranes

Valves related to regulate air reheating furnaces

Current transfer collectors current related to crane cable collection

Driver resistance of ring slip motors related to steeling structure crane of Isfahan steel

Testing equipment and inner and air 20kv separators regulation

Conveyers chains of material handling and manufacturing Conveyors related to Iran Grain Organization

Mobarakeh steel fire alarm and fire extinguisher EXT device

Hydraulic kicker system design and manufacture related to Iran Grain Organization

UV detectors design and produce of Mobarakeh Steel Pelletizing 05 Unit Furnaces

Magnetic clutches and brakes localization related to Isfahan Steel transfers

REVOLUTION CONTROL manufacturing related to Mobarakeh Steel 07 Unit

FAP device review and re-engineering related to fire device


Isfahan Steel sewage Gryfe hydro cylinder manufacture

Kinds shaft and shell manufacture of Isfahan Steel hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders

Board manufacturing and locating related to fire Call Point

Static lubrication high voltage tube manufacture of 2 cooling roll unit

Saba Steel copper mold clinometers manufacture

Replacement of Demag crane drives from brand ABB

Salink masks manufacture of Russian Esfahan Steel circulation pumps

Russian motors and pump coupling manufacture of Isfahan steel

Copying and reverse engineering of kinds of electronics cards from SIEMENS، ABB، ANSALDO، BBC، FIFE، CERBERUS، HONEYWELL YAMATAKE

And done other projects and ongoing projects